動物肖像 – Animal Line Art – Part II


Hey guys, how are you doing? If you follow my blog then you’d know I published an article on animal line art part I yesterday so today we are going to read the second part.

本篇文章最初發表於 2017 年 8 月 24 號 This article was originally published on 08/24/2017




If you don’t know what this series is all about, please read part I first.

獺好喝 - Otterlicious


This is an otter kind of coffee and it is otterlicous! Haha. The other day I watched a video of cute otters and decided to draw something about otters. I like how playful and relaxed they are so I hope that this image does make you feel the same way, playful and relaxing.


柴犬兄妹 - The Shiba Inu Siblings

這兩隻柴犬是我在這個世界上最喜歡的柴犬,牠們其實是家庭友人的寵物,這位家庭友人對牠們就像疼愛自己的孩子一樣,有時候還會給牠們穿衣服,畫面中的牠們穿著夏日浴衣,左邊的女孩子叫做 Tsuru(津留;女孩的名字,也有鶴的意思),右邊的小帥哥叫 Hibiki(響)。他們倆是兄妹,也是最佳玩伴。

These two Shiba Inu are my favourite Shiba in the world! They are actually pets of a family friend. She treats them just like her own kids and sometimes she puts them in cute outfits. Here they are wearing Yukata for summer. The left one is a girl called Tsuru, a Japanese female name, also means cranes, and the right one is a boy called Hibiki. They are siblings and always keep each other company.


貓的石像 - A Meownumen

這個插畫的靈感來自我最喜歡的一幅畫之一:《畢馬龍與加拉蒂》,是法國藝術家傑洛姆的作品。那幅畫比我的插畫要美多了,描述的是一個希臘的神話,如果你沒看過那副圖,我很推薦你上網找一下 。總之,從冰冷的雕像延伸出一個栩栩如生的主體,就是借鏡那幅畫的創作。也因為這系列都是動物創作,所以我選了貓當做主角。

This piece was inspired by one of my favourite paintings, Pygmalion and Galatea, by the French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme. The painting itself is way more complicated and is about a Greek myth. If you haven’t seen the picture or don’t know about it, I strongly suggest you take a look at it. The idea of a statue looked almost like a real subject stems from that painting. Since I’m doing Animal Line Art my subject is naturally an animal.


美好時光 - Someone’s Having Fun


We all know how cute a Corgi is so it would be a shame if Corgis didn’t make it into my Animal Line Art series. I drew this Corgis and wanted to let him play with water. Since Corgis are known for their short legs, we better give them some help in the water. I love how this flamingo swimmiming ring turned out. I like its texture and the colours. But I still love the Corgis’ silly smile the best!


樂犬中學 - Marry Canine High school

左上至右上(Treasurer A. Peach, 財務桃小姐;President P. Judge 會長家吉;Principal Mr. Beans 鬥校長;Vice President C. Kathy 副會長凱西;Secretary M. Hamburger 秘書米漢堡)

左下至右下(K. Kostas 卡斯塔先生;Miss L. Angie 安潔小姐;Miss Sunny 桑妮小姐;Mr.Cupcake 杯子蛋糕先生)


This picture was inspired by a real vintage photograph I found on the internet. I thought it would be very funny to recreate it but replace all the staff with dogs. I tried to rename the high school and made it sound authentic and old-school like. Therefore here we have a picture of the staff from Marry Canine High School. Do you have a favourite staff? Personally I really like Miss Peach and Mr. Cupcake. Though Mr.Beans is a tiny bulldog, I think he actually made a very serious and stringent principal. Can you take a guess at what subjects do those teachers teach?



This is the second part of the Animal Line Art Series. Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any thoughts on these work. All your feedback is much appreciated and I love how every reader has their own favourite pieces.


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