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Winter has been knocking on Dublin’s door without Autumn’s consent. Unapologetically, cold wind and chilly air are finding their way into our home and bones. It is cozy and nice to just stay home but walking under the sunlight would be a blessing, too. So me and my husband decided to stretch our limbs and did a bit of walking this Sunday.


這個週末我們去了歐洲最大的、有圍牆的都市公園之一:都柏林鳳凰公園。我們在下午兩點左右出門,搭了城市裡的輕軌 Luas 紅線,從我們這裡的愛彼街,一路坐到休士頓站,然後剩下的路程就是靠我們的雙腳。

This weekend me and my husband went to one of Europe’s largest walled city parks, the Phoenix Park. We left home around 2 in the afternoon and headed for Luas, traveling from the Abbey street stop all the way to Hueston stop and continued our journey from there by foot.

愛彼街 | Abbey Street
輕軌售票機 | Luas ticket booth
搭輕軌 | In the Tram
到達都柏林 8 區 | Arrived in Dublin 8
八區一景 | Dublin 8



Here we go.

鳳凰公園 | Phoenix Park
鳳凰公園 | Phoenix Park
鳳凰公園 | Phoenix Park


This park is so huge and very beautiful. It is one of the best places to enjoy the changing seasons in Dublin.


鳳凰公園 | Phoenix Park


Initially we just wanted a glimpse of the famous wild deer in the park and we ended up meeting a great bunch of them. The park itself is absolutely gorgeous. Walking in the park, you’d first be greeted by its vast grasslands and then the many and wondrous meanderings. The east side of the park boasts long and seemingly infinite tree-lined avenues and trees of all sorts.



也因為這個公園太大,出發前我還特地查了比較容易看到鹿的地點,大家說鹿很常出現在教宗十字架附近,在快走到十字架的時候,我們發現一個矮樹林底下有一群鹿,或坐或站,有的還悠閒地走來走去,這些鹿超級溫和,但是有點害羞,你大概可以和牠們保持 2 公尺的距離,牠們也不會跑掉,但是你的動作一定要輕、聲音要小。能親眼目睹野生的鹿在公園裡面漫遊真的很酷欸~沒想到可以看到這麼多隻,這些野鹿好溫馴,非常親人,還有人跟牠們自拍。

The park is vast so I researched the best place to spot deer before we left home and people suggest that Pope’s cross is where you see them the most. As we were approaching Pope’s cross we saw a bunch of them, standing, resting, lingering around a little grove. The deer were so gentle and shy. You can keep some 2 meters distance from them without alerting them however you should be quite and move slowly around them. It was such a wonderful thing seeing these wild deer roaming in the park. I didn’t think that we could see so many of them, let along being so close. They are so tender and sweet-tempered some people even took pictures with them with their faces right next to the deer.

公園裡的野鹿 | Wild deer in the park
公園裡的野鹿 | Wild deer in the park
公園裡的野鹿 | Wild deer in the park
公園裡的野鹿 | Wild deer in the park

More pictures of Phoenix Park by me 點我看更多照片。



I was already more than blissful to see the deer in person and up close. However this fantastic day didn’t just ended here. It was cold and windy, luckily there was no rain. After encountering the deer, we encountered gentle and warm sunlight. The sun was hiding behind some fat clouds, and yet as we walked passed by the Pope’s cross, it began to shine through and lent warmth to us. It made us feel so warm and relaxed. Encouraged by the warmth, we decided to keep walking and head for the Cafe in the park, the Phoenix cafe, and stop for a cup of coffee.

鹿角燈 | Lamb made out of antlers



I forgot to take some pictures when we arrived but it is a little cozy cafe with many, many choices of amazing desserts! Hahaha. We were cold and having a good day so we decided to order some food, desserts and something hot and warm to drink. We found a good spot at the first floor and enjoyed our food. I ordered a cup of Matcha latte and it was so good. Matcha, a flavor I learned to appreciate only in recent years, has become one of my favorite go to flavor. It is a bitter-sweet grown up flavor all right. My husband ordered a lemon ginger tea and we shared a chicken curry with rice and a slice of apple and raspberry crumbles. It was such a treat and warmth that came in time. Every sip of the warm Matcha latte soothed my bosom and every moment of this little trip made me feel content.

檸檬薑茶 2.5 歐 | Lemon ginger tea, 2.5 euros
雞肉咖哩飯 8 歐| Chicken curry with rice, 8 euros
抹茶拿鐵 3.5 歐 | Matcha latte. 3.5 euros
鬆脆覆盆子蘋果派 4.5 歐 | apple and raspberry crumbles, 4.5 euros



We finished our food, desserts and drinks joyfully and then walked back home. On our way back we talked about all kinds of things and we made a deal to come back here again when it begins to snow. It would be cold, for sure, but the scenery will definitely be beautiful with its vast and open grasslands and wild deer.


It’s a wonderful day. We saw some deer, ate something nice, walked and talked a lot!





On our way back home my husband found an ostrich on the street. So cute!





其他攝影師眼中的鳳凰公園 | More pictures of Phoenix Park by other photographers:

Flickr: Tambako The Jaguar


© Cezary Zarebski Photography / Getty Images


Photograph: Cyril Byrne



Photograph: Rob Collins




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