料多實在的寶物拉麵|Takara Ramen & Deli Sushi Bar

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搬到都柏林後,最先注意到的就是這裡好多亞洲餐廳,到處都可以看到中東、越式、泰式、韓式、印度和日式料理,而且都很不錯吃,今天我們就要去吃一家都柏林很有名的日式餐廳-寶物拉麵和熟食壽司店(直譯:Takara Ramen & Deli Sushi Bar),以下簡稱寶物日式餐廳。
One of the few things I noticed when I first moved to Dublin was that there are many Asian restaurants. You can easily find Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Thai, South Korean, Indian and Japanese cuisine here and a lot of them are YUM. Today we will be taking you to one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Dublin, Takara Ramen & Deli Sushi Bar.



Takara is right next to a Lua line.



This restaurant is located in Dublin 1 and it is right on the Abbey street. Takara is quite small but cozy, it has a good atmosphere and the staff is very friendly.


這天又冷又下雨,最適合吃一碗熱熱的拉麵了。| It was a cold & rainy day, a perfect weather for a bowl of ramen!

We were seated next to the window and the open beverage fridge and personally I like it very much.


This was our first time here and I was surprised that you can actually customize your sushi here! Last time we visited Eatokyo I was a bit disappointed by the options they have for sushi so I was happy that you can make your own rolls here at Takara.


However I wanted something soupy and warn on a rainy day so I ordered the seafood ramen bento in the end which includes two pieces of norimaki anyways! My husband, who is a soup-less noodle enthusiast, ordered their Yaki Soba. We also ordered a Arizona green tea and a plate of ebi gyoze to share.


亞利桑那綠茶|Arizona Green Tea


Our ebi gyoze(pot-stickers, or fried dumplings.)

手工烤蝦餃子和醬汁|Home made Grilled Prawn Gyoze with Gyoze Sauce

This homemade gyoze was very good we both liked it very much. The wrapper is thin and has a nice chew to it. The filling has grilled prawns and vegetable and is very fresh and juicy.



屁股煎得焦焦 der~
It was pan-fried until the bottom was golden brown.



It goes very well with the light sauce. If you visit here you should totally try their gyoze.



My husband’s yaki soba was a success, too. He enjoyed it and said that it was not overly sweet like some of the Japanese style fried noodles. This dish has prawns, chicken fillet and some seasonal vegetable and red pickles which adds some refreshing acidity to the flavor. It is also served with miso soup which was okay. The vegetables are all very nice and fresh and why did I know that? Because my husband picked out his broccoli and zucchini I couldn’t believe it hahaha so I ate it all. The seasoning is appetizing and flavorful.


海鮮拉麵|Seafood Ramen


This ramen is pretty nice and it was such a hearty and satisfying bowl of goodies on a cold rainy day.


配菜:兩個壽司、薑片、海帶芽|Two pieces of norimaki, picked ginger and seaweed.

Since it was a bento, like a combo dish, it came with a side plate which includes two pieces of norimaki, some picked ginger and seaweed. The norimaki was a really nice addition because it kind of answered to my craving for rice. I’m not sure if they give you the same norimaki if you order a bento. What I had was a cucumber & crab and a cucumber & picked radish. They were both very nice and fresh with a good crunch.



Now let’s talk about the ramen itself. The noodle has a good chew. It is smooth and to be honest it’s a bit on the soft side which I enjoyed a lot. I know some people prefer ramen noodles that are a bit firmer but I’ve always liked soft and tender noodles. They are very generous with the amount of salmon in the ramen. You also have prawns, squids and mussels. You can feel the abundance when you’re eating. My lips even got a bit sticky because of all the tasty fat from the fish.



There were two pieces of mussels in the ramen however I accidentally chewed on tiny shell fractures at some point and it was not very pleasant. The mussels are as big as my thumbs and were fresh.



Some prawns in the ramen as well, very juicy and YUM. I love prawns!

Overall this ramen is tasty however if you are a ramen fan who cares about the soup/broth a lot you might be disappointed at least I was not very impressed by the soup itself. The seafood ramen I ordered is served in miso soup. The flavor is not too bad however it was not dense or rich whatsoever. Most of the flavor of this ramen comes from the toppings. I had a look at their menu just now and see that they only offer ramen in either miso soup or tonkotsu and they don’t have shio or shoyu based ramen. So perhaps I’ll try their tonkotsu next time to see if they do a good job with their bone broth.


雖然寶物日式餐廳小小的一間,但是整體表現令人滿意,我們星期六大概下午 3 點多來的,店裡面的客人已經很多了,可見它的人氣多高,很多人都是進來點個壽司或便當,如果我在附近工作,應該也會很常光顧吧。這家餐廳我會想再來,下次自己客製看看壽司捲好了。
It is a small but nice restaurant. We were there on a Saturday afternoon around 3 and it was already pretty full so you can see how popular it is. A lot of people come for a quick grab of bento or sushi. If I work nearby I’m sure I’d come here quite often, too. I’d like to visit this place again soon and maybe make my own sushi rolls!



寶物日式炒麵 9.5 歐
手工烤蝦餃子 6 歐
海鮮拉麵套餐 11.80 歐
亞利桑那綠茶 2.5 歐


We ordered

Takara Yaki Soba 6 €
Home made Grilled Prawn Gyoze with Gyoze Sauce 9.5 €
Seafood Ramen Bento 11.80 €
Arizona Green Tea 2.5 €


Overall score

店家名稱 | Takara Ramen & Deli Sushi Bar

官方網站 | Takara Ramen & Deli Sushi Bar

地址 |37 Abbey Street Lower, North City, Dublin

  • 環境 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤 Atmosphere
  • 食物 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤 Food
  • 服務 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤 Service
  • 價位 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤 C/P


Taitai: Sticky lips…So satisfying.
Husband: Yaki soba and the dumplings are all very tasty but somebody should work on their playlist.


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