墨西哥捲餅的正確打開方式 | Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar

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這天很冷,這種天氣或許不適合吃墨西哥捲餅,但是我的胃卻吵著要吃墨西哥料理,所以我和先生決定拜訪一間我們觀望很久的墨西哥捲餅店,今天就要帶大家來看看這間在都柏林小有名氣的怖醬墨西哥捲餅專賣店(太太編譯,原店名:Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar)。
It was cold and rainy and probably not the best day to have a burrito, however my stomach told me that I’d love to get some Mexican flavor. Therefore, we went to a Mexican restaurant specializing in burritos in Dublin that we always wanted to try. Today we will be reviewing one of the most visited Mexican restaurants in Dublin – Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar.


It is getting much colder now in Dublin and it rains constantly. It was not a surprise that as we stepped out of the apartment building we felt drizzles on our faces. We were cold and hungry and paced ourselves to Boojum’s branch near Jervis Luas Stop. It was almost Halloween and some people were already dressed up on the street, I’d say that’s some good spirit on such cold days.


Here we are, Boojum! We were here on a Sunday evening around 7:30 pm.

「怖醬」墨西哥捲餅專賣店|Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar


The restaurant looks cozy enough for a quick bite and I think a lot of people come here for takeaways. Sometimes I find ordering food at the counter intimidating since you have to make choice in a rather short amount of time while there are people waiting behind you. Fortunately the ordering experience I had here was more than pleasant, the staff was super patient and friendly. They would repeat the options for you if needed and always wear a smile which qualifies as a great service.



Once you arrive in the restaurant, you’d see a big board telling you how to order a meal at Boojum. First you choose what you’d like from burrito, fajita, tacos, burrito bowl to salad and then you choose your type of meat, they also offer a vegetarian option. After that you choose fillings according to the kind of meal you go for. Lastly, you can add extra toppings such as jalapeno, guacamole, saute peppers & onions, etc. You can also order sides(tortilla chips and dipping) and drinks if you like.


Basically burritos, fajita, tacos are just variations of flour tortillas with different fillings, I think the choices really depend on your preference. The burrito bowl takes all the ingredients that go into a burrito/fajita and mix them up in a bowl without the tortilla. As for salad it’s quite the same story as the bowl yet you got no rice but romaine lettuce.


So with burritos you get a large flour tortilla with choice of rice (cilantro-lime or Mexican savoury), choice of beans (black or pinto) filling and sauce, cheese and sour cream. Here the staff didn’t make it clear what sauces they had, he only asked if I wanted mild or hot ones. I went for a mild sauce and it was tomato salsa. I think it was because it was getting late and there were only few options left. I checked on their website and see that for sauce choices they usually have tomato salsa, sweet corn salsa, salsa verde, salde roja, chipotle and naga.






Well easy enough. So we ordered our food, drinks and some extra tortillas this time. Here is our orders:

Me | Burrito + Barbacoa (Shredded Beef) + Rice (cilantro + lime) + Black Beans + Tomato Salsa + Cheese + Sour Cream + jalapeno.
Husband | Burrito + Chorizo + Rice (cilantro + lime) + Black Beans + Tomato salsa + Cheese
Sides | Tortilla chips & Guacamole
Drinks | Diet Coke & Jarritos Lime Soda



Let’s see!

墨西哥捲餅的正確打開方式 |  How to Eat A Burrito

The package makes eating this burrito extra easy, you just have to tear off the foil as you go.


墨西哥水果汽水(萊姆口味)、零卡可樂|Jarritos Lime Soda & Diet Coke


我們的食物 | Our food la


玉米片搭配酪梨醬 |  Tortilla chips & Guacamole


衣服脫一半的捲餅| A half naked burrito


我的捲餅 | My burrito


我的捲餅吃到一半 | My burrito half way


先生的捲餅 | My husby’s burrito


桌邊提供的辣醬 | Hot sauce at the table


被我誤認為外帶塑膠袋的一隻鬼 | A Boojum mistaken as takeaway plastic bags by me



  1. 味道有點平淡,吃墨西哥料理的時候,照理會有強烈的風味在嘴裡爆發,但是我們覺得味道偏淡。
  2. 食物溫涼。這天很冷沒錯,但是捲餅本身真的就溫溫涼涼的,不是很熱,所以有點失望。
  3. 肉的味道也偏淡。一樣,我以為會吃到多汁、味道濃郁的烤牛肉,但是味道普普。
  4. 整體的口感吃起來有點糊、酸奶油有點水。


This restaurant is really popular in Dublin and most of the reviews are like “YUM", “best place to have a burrito" or “unbelievable" and such. However me and my husband are not a big fan of their burritos for a few reasons.

  1. The flavor was a bit bland. When it comes to Mexican food, you’d expect an explosion of flavors and that’s just not what we got.
  2. The food is lukewarm. It was a really cold day, yes, but the food itself wasn’t very warm either which was a bit of a let-down.
  3. The meat was a bit bland, too. I expected to have a juicy and palatable bite but didn’t get one.
  4. The overall filling was a bit soggy and watery because of the sour cream.


Though we were not very amazed by their burritos we liked their tortilla chips very much. It has a nice thickness and is crunchy, crispy and seasoned well with salt. The guacamole was fresh and delicious, too.


The staff here was all very nice and quick with processing the order and they also have Mexican drinks in the store. The burrito itself is rather big and super filling, I think they also have student discount so it seems to be a good deal. Damn I’m so old. We did’t finish our tortilla chips with the meal we took it back home.


Overall I’d still recommend you to give it a try and make your own burrito. Who knows you might have more success than we did. Personally I wouldn’t want to come back and try their burrito again. I know it is a bit sad but it just doesn’t really wow me.


How I miss the burrito stand we had back in Basingstoke’s festival place, it is one of the best!


烤牛肉  7.65 歐
辣香腸  7.45 歐
加料墨西哥辣椒*1   0.55 歐
玉米片搭配酪梨醬*1   3.10 歐
零卡可樂*1   1.25 歐
墨西哥水果汽水*1   1.90 歐
共 21.90 歐。


Our order this time:
Barbacoa    7.65€
Chorizo       7.45€
Extra topping jalapeno*1   0.55€
Tortilla chips & Guacamole*1   3.10€
Diet Coke*1     1.25€
Jarritos Lime Soda*1   1.90€
Total 21.9€


Overall score

店家名稱 | Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar

官方網站 | Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar

地址 | Millennium WalkwayNorth City, Dublin 1 (The one we visited)

  • 環境 ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤 Atmosphere
  • 食物 ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤 Food
  • 服務 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤 Service
  • 價位 ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤 C/P


Taitai: Mmmm I didn’t like it very much.
Husband: It was not that impressive. The chips are nice though.


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