原來這就是港式雞蛋仔 | Bubble Waffle Factory

我還記得第一次跟先生拜訪雞蛋仔工廠(太太編譯,原文:Bubble Waffle Factory)是為了珍珠奶茶去的,那時候看到路人手上拿的鬆餅一個比一個華麗,從那次之後我就一直很想去吃吃看。他們家賣的是港式的雞蛋仔,其實我沒有吃過正宗的港式雞蛋仔,我去過香港幾次,但那時候我還不喜歡甜點,所以每次去香港都把重心放在港式點心上面,現在想想好恨啊! 

I still remember the first time visiting Bubble Waffle Factory in Dublin 2 was when I went there with husby to get myself a cup of bubble milk tea. I was so surprised by how splendid that dessert looks like, and ever since then I had been thinking about it and meaning to try it. The waffle they have is like the Hong Kong style waffle, to be honest I’ve never tried an authentic Hong Kong bubble waffle. When I went to Hong Kong some years ago, all I cared was dim sum, dim sum and dim sum and my sweet tooth was not discovered yet. Now I think about it and I feel sad and that I’m missing out big time!


Though I was not sure what to expect I was still very intrigued by the waffle. Finally we got our hands on this well-praised desserts in Dublin a try some time ago. I’m not joking now I think about it a lot lol! If you give me one right now I would just devour it haha. 


Okay, why do I always spend so much time rambling? One thing I have to mention though,  we arrived in the store about 4 in the afternoon but these days the sun sets around 4:30 pm so the sky was already dimming. In other words, all the pictures were taken in rather poor lighting. What? You didn’t know not only we had poor lighting, the store itself is in some small alley and is pretty crowded? Well now you know! Let’s hit it! 


The store is pretty small and has two counters. You order drinks at the left one and bubble waffles on the right side. Upon entering the store, you have the counters right in front of you, seats on the left hand side and bubble waffle prepping station on the right hand side with the menu hanging on the wall. 

價錢從 4.5 歐到 6.9 歐之間。 | Price ranges from 4.50 euros to 6.90 euros.


It is fairly straight forward to order. You first pick a flavor and then pick the flavor of the ice cream you want. They don’t ask you what sauce you want anymore I guess if you want to add extra sauce or change the topping you can just ask. I saw that they have new ice cream flavors in black sesame and matcha so naturally I wanted to try. Unfortunately it was already sold out by then, sad! It must be very popular so if you wish to try these two new flavors, I’d suggest you visit the store earlier in the day.  All the waffles are made-to-order but it is fast and the clerks are all very friendly. 


Their prepping station is completely open and transparent. You can see all the ingredients they use and how they decorate each order.


 I ordered the Nutty Crunchy with vanilla ice-cream and my husby chose the Peanut Glamour with cookie & cream ice-cream. Nutty Crunchy comes with Nutella sauce,  ice-cream, walnut, pecan, almond flakes and cream. I think it also has caramel sauce. Peanut Glamour comes with Nutella sauce, ice-cream, crushed peanuts, peanut-butter sauce and cream. 

鬆餅本身外面很酥脆,讓我最驚豔的是裡面的口感,很軟但是又有嚼勁,鬆餅本身也很有滋味、很香,我超喜歡的~在這之前我沒體驗過港式雞蛋仔,我現在終於知道會什麼香港人那麼喜歡雞蛋仔了!因為真的好好味~就算沒有配料直接吃也很美味,簡單的淋一點巧克力醬或是焦糖醬就很 OK~我這個口味推滿了堅果,堅果味道很香,口感很棒,我覺得這個口味很棒,先生的花生口味也很好吃。

The waffle itself is really crispy on the outside. What amazed me was the texture in the middle which is tender but chewy at the same time and it was flavorful. I really liked this bubble waffle, I’ve never tried this Hong Kong style waffle before now I know why people are crazy about it in Hong Kong because it is freaking good! I can just eat the waffle without any topping or just a bit of chocolate sauce or caramel sauce. Mine was packed with several kinds of nuts and I love nutty flavor so I think my order was a success. Husby liked his peanut flavor, too. 


One of the features of the store is the wall which is covered by stickers and customers’ messages and thoughts from all over the world. Mostly are about how they feel after trying this bubble waffle. Some notes are completely irrelevant though haha, me and my husband was eating and reading those notes, it was quite fun. 


It is a bit tricky to eat this bubble waffle since the topping are quite full. The way I ate it was to use the spoon they provide and scoop the filling and bite on the waffle itself. So one spoonful of the filling and one bite on the waffle and in this orderly fashion you just keep on going. It is very satisfying and tasty. I was worried that the ice cream was going to soak the waffle but it was not the case, by the time I almost finished the waffle, the only part that got a bit soggy and soft was the bottom of it, the waffle stayed nice and crispy on the outside most of the time. The packaging has a hole at the end so be careful that you don’t drip on yourself. 



Overall it is a really nice treat, it is a little bit on the expensive side however I’d love to go back and try other flavors. Like I said I’ve never tried the authentic Hong Kong bubble waffle so I don’t really know if this is as authentic. However I did enjoy the waffle and loved its texture and flavor, the dough itself is delectable and the toppings are nice. It was a really cold day but my heart was so warmed up by this delicious dessert!


Bubble Waffle Factory is listed as one of the best desserts in Dublin and I can really see why. If you are in Dublin and want to try something doughy, chewy and crispy with yum yum toppings and ice cream, you know where to go!

Overall score

店家名稱 | Bubble  Waffle Factory
官方網站 | Bubble  Waffle Factory

地址 | 2 Merchant’s Arch, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

  • 環境 ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤 Atmosphere
  • 食物 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤 Food
  • 服務 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤 Service
  • 價位 ❤️❤️❤️💔🖤 C/P

Taitai:  I can have one right now!
Husband: Very special and filling.

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