星座與甜點(下) | Zodiac Signs & Sweets part 2

終於!今天我們要來看看這系列的另一半,是不是等很久了啊?如果你還沒看上半部的話,請往這裡走星座與甜點(上) | Zodiac Signs & Sweets part 1。

Finally! Today we will be able to see the other zodiac signs and their desserts. Is this what you have been waiting for? Let’s do it! If you haven’t read the first part of this series, please read the article here.


Zodiac Signs & Sweets

天秤座  |  Libra


Lucky Colors: Pink & Blue 
Libra, you are intelligent, kind and willing to put others before yourself. You value harmony and you are the happiest with a large group of friends and family. Like popcorn in unique unicorn colors which is blessed with boundless creativity, you always make people happy and blissful.  

天蠍座  |  Scorpio

天蠍寶寶獨立、真誠、面對生活總是拿出 110% 的熱情,就像湯圓一樣,外在、你有著獨特的柔軟,內心讓人無法一眼看穿,不過那些接近你、碰觸你的人,會發現原來你給的愛和那份誠摯有多麼美好。

Lucky Colors: Black
Scorpio, you are independent, genuine and unafraid to dive into all life has to offer with 110% enthusiasm. Just like glutinous balls, underneath that unique soft exterior, you conceal your true colors and for those who give you a bite, they taste your love and passion and learn how wonderful it is. 

射手座  |  Sagittarius 


Lucky Colors: Purple
Sagittarius, you are generous, kind and have a great sense of humor. Your open mind and philosophical view are just like a milky, flaky taro pastry, there are so many layers and depths that wrap around a core belief. No matter what that is, it will motivate you to wander around the world and search the meaning of life.

魔羯座  |  Capricorn

幸運色:咖啡色 & 灰色。

Lucky Colors: Brown & Grey
Capricorn, you are smart, loving and believe presentation is everything. You have a funny and sly sense of humor, you are a loyal friend, too. Just like a coffee tiramisu, the flavor has such depth that only those who make it into your heart get to know. Some might think you are stubborn, yet you just choose to stick with the right things.

水瓶座  |  Aquarius


Lucky Colors: Blue
Aquarius, you are affectionate, frank and open minded. Just like a blueberry tart filled with custard and cream, you are sweet and bitter, crunchy and creamy, unique and fascinating. You always surprise and please people with your seemingly endless energy and fun.

雙魚座  |  Pisces


Lucky Colors: Light Green
Pisces, you are compassionate, gentle and wise. You are never judgmental and always forgiving. Just like the Taiyaki, you are artistic, affable and filled with sweetness. You are also a very soft person who treat others exactly as you want others to treat you.


We have officially finished the series, Zodiac Signs & Sweet. Do you like it and which zodiac sign is your favorite? Please comment and share your thoughts with me!

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