令人屏息的愛爾蘭西岸|The Breathtaking West of Ireland

今天我們要踏上回憶的旅程,回顧今年五月份我和先生、我姐姐、姐夫,四個人一起到愛爾蘭西部的四天三夜之旅。我們拜訪了高威這個可愛的城市, 在杜林度過美好的幾天 ,見識了世界遺產莫赫懸崖(Cliffs of Moher )、搭船到阿倫群島(Aran Islands )的最大島 Inis Mór,騎腳踏車騎到屁股痲, 更挑戰了令人腿軟的布倫步道(Burren Walk Way)、 不過這一切都是值得的,愛爾蘭西部的風景令人心迷。接著我們就跟著照片,好好想念一番!

Today we are going to walk down memory lane of our trip to the West coast of Ireland. Earlier this year, my husband, I, my sister and my brother in law went on a 4 days trip together. We visited Galway, a lovely city, spent a few wonderful days in Doolin, witnessed one of the most spectacular nature in the world, cliffs of Moher. We took ferry to Inis Mór, the biggest island of Aran Islands, and biked till our butts went numb. We also challenged one of the longest coastal trails in Ireland, the Burren Way which almost turned my legs into jelly. However all the energy was well spent because the scenery, the landscape and all the things we saw during this trip are beyond words. Let’s take a look at some pictures and revisit this amazing journey.

天氣還算不錯 the weather was quite nice


The first day of our trip was still in Dublin. We took my sister and sister in law to try some local fish and chips. After that we toured the infamous Temple bar.

半分橋 half penny

百年老酒吧 The famous Temple Bar

Let’s go!


The second morning, we hopped on the coach that went directly to Galway. Our journey to the west of Ireland now officially began.


The whole ride from Dublin to Galway took about 2 hours, it was not a long ride however we were transported from the very east side of Ireland all the way to its west. The weather was more than agreeable, in fact we enjoyed really good weather throughout our whole trip, except for the day we went to cliffs of Moher which was a little cloudy.


Galway is a lovely harbor city. The atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant. We walked around the city center, visited local markets and churches. We even encountered a wedding in church.


After some walking, we were a bit tired, so we sat down at a cafe at a table outside and basked ourselves in the sunshine.


After a long break, we embarked on our second leg of the journey today, from Galway to Doolin. The landscape along the way was incredible and so was my car sickness. I’ve never felt so bad in my life, the driver drove like there is no tomorrow and I threw up like this is my last day. I was still throwing up when the bus stopped for our destination. Even just to think of it now I feel bad for myself.

出發前還有心情自拍 I was still in the mood of selfies before the bus started


I’m quite impressed by myself actually. I remembered being so sick but still managed to take a few pictures along the way.


After the ordeal we finally arrived at the place we rented. It is a really nice house with two en-suite bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room.


This evening we made some pasta with roasted chicken. We would be heading for Doolin pier in the next morning, taking a ferry to Inis Mór.


Reaching Doolin pier by foot, we got on the ferry taking us to the biggest island of Aran islands, Inis Mór which took about 40 minutes. The island is not huge but you can’t tour it all by foot. It will take at least a day to ride around the island. Our ferry was scheduled to leave at 4:30 in the afternoon therefore we decided to rent bicycles and ride as far as we can.

屁股這時候還不知道自己大禍臨頭 Our butts were still happy for the time being!


The island is beautiful with its coastal view, clear sky, vast ocean of azure blue, the scenery was just too good to be true. You can see cows and sheep munching everywhere and this is where you can buy Ireland’s most famous Aran knit wears.


The coastline here is just incredible. We could have ridden a bit further than we did if we hadn’t spend so much time taking pictures at the rocky beach.

騎了大半天的腳踏車, 屁股也騎車騎到麻掉,雖然屁股無感,但是心裡的收穫卻是滿滿的,結束這美好的一天,幸福地搭渡輪回到杜林~

We rode so much that our butts became numb in the end. However our hearts were so content and satisfied with what we saw and experienced today. It was such a lovely, dreamy day.


We made a donkey friend named Samuel back in Doolin.

他看起來心情總是很不好 He seemed sad whenever we met him


We had dinner at a local bar this evening, I ordered a traditional Irish stew which was not too bad.

旅程的第三天就是要拜訪世界遺產-- 莫赫懸崖(Cliffs of Moher ) ,早上我們搭了私人營運的接駁車,到達了斷崖的某處入口,並從那邊為起點,開始今天漫長又驚悚的海岸線之行。

The third day of our trip was to visit cliffs of Moher, one of the Unesco World Heritage. We took a private shuttle bus to an entry point and from there we began our breathtaking, literally breathtaking adventure today.


Cliffs or Moher is marvelous, the color of the sea and coastline are just amazing to look at. Not to mention how intimidating the height of the cliffs actually is. It is something makes you hold your breaths in awe, one of the must see natural wonders in one’s life. We walked along the coastline, trekking from the entry point to the visitor center, which was quite safe and packed with tourists.

太美了!The view is just unbelievable!

到了 歐布萊恩塔(O’Brien’s Tower) 這邊可以看到斷崖的全景,景色真的好迷人。

Once you reach the O’Brien’s Tower, you would get a nice, panoramic view of the cliffs.

在遊客中心休息片刻後,我們決定繼續朝北走,挑戰一條非常崎嶇、高聳的布倫步道(Burren Walk Way) ,這條步道總長123公里,我們徒步走的則是從斷崖上的歐布萊恩塔(O’Brien’s Tower),一直到杜林小鎮漁人街(我們的住宿附近)這一段路,總共走了超過十公里,走了快三小時有吧。

After taking a small break at the visitor center, we decided to challenge the Burren way. The Burren Way is a 123km linear walking trail which brings you inland from Lahinch on the Western side of the Burren to Doolin on the coast. We started around the O’Brien’s Tower and finished at the fisher’s street in Doolin which is about 10 km long and it took us about 3 hours.

極度危險的懸崖警示牌 Extreme Danger!


The longer we were on the trail, the narrower it got and the less people we met. We not only were at a very high altitude, some parts of the trail are not very solid and stable which is extremely dangerous. I am quite a bold person however I do feel that this part of the Burren Way is not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend you to try this trail however I must warn you that you have to be really careful and take this part of the trail seriously. Walking the trail, meaning risking falling off the cliffs. Make sure you watch out for the sudden, strong wind at the edge of the cliffs, too. A small part of the trail is particularly narrow and dangerous, when we walked pass that part, we literally held our breaths.


As we reached the last leg of the trail, the landscape changes and it gets less steep and difficult. We met a lovely cow here. After a 3 hours walking, we finally arrived at the fisher’s street. We were so exhausted nevertheless it was all worth it in the end.

這個高度竟然還有小心海浪的警示 ! Can’t believe the ocean spray can reach this high!

如此海景 Such view!


The second day we traveled by bus to Galway and took a direct coach back to Dublin, ending our amazing journey of the west. I felt like having a beautiful dream, a dream that is so unforgettable but so hard to put into words.

很累,但是非常值得一走!So exhausted but so worth it!


Traveling with your loved ones, enjoying beautiful scenery with them, sharing amazing food with them are probably the most incredible and happiest things in the world.

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