Strawberry Corolla | 草莓花冠捲

做個甜點筆記。Pastry Note

草莓花冠捲 – Strawberry Corolla

這個花冠捲用的是隸屬高油麵團(enriched dough)之一的布里歐許(Brioche),所以在製作上必須非常注意冷卻麵團和發酵的時間。由於麵團裡油脂的比例相當高,所以麵筋比較不容易發展完全,所以在這裡我們採以冷藏「熟成」,也就是讓麵團中少量的水分和麵粉,以自解的方式生成麵筋。冷藏高油麵團的另一個目的就為了方便整型,畢竟將近一比二的奶油比例,室溫高一點奶油就會開始融化,處理起來很棘手。另外低溫加上較長的發酵時間,都能讓麵團發展出更好的風味。

This is brioche recipe which is an enriched dough. When handling an enriched dough, chilling and fermentation time are both crucial. This dough is rich in fat which retard the development of gluten therefore we set the dough in fridge for a longer period of time and let autolysis to do its job. To Chill an enrich dough could make handing and shaping much easier, too, after all the ration of flour and butter is almost 2:1. If you’re in a warmer kitchen, a brioche dough will be your new nightmare! Besides, chilling for a longer time also allow the yeast to develop better flavour.


I did two things wrong when making the strawberry corolla today. The first thing was that I scatter chocolate chip after I applied the jam. I reckoned it’s not right because the unevenness of the dough cause by chocolate chip made the dough rise unevenly. However the recipe did put chocolate chip in the filling part so I’m really not sure. The second mistake was that I didn’t chill the dough before I made cuts for the corolla shape. Therefore the cut kind of squashed the dough and result was uneven rise(yet again!). I made half batch of the recipe (6 pieces) and the first 4 were cut without being chilled first. The last two pieces were properly chilled and you can really tell the difference after you form a corolla. If your dough is rich, let it chill before you handle it. What’s more, the recipe didn’t specify if it needs fresh yeast or dry yeast so I used what I got, dry ones. This brioche was kind of an experiment!


The first four corolla collapsed after baked and Zhibao asked me if I was making aliens.


He got balls to make such comment.

草莓花冠捲食譜 (12個)

Recipe for Strawberry Corolla (12 pieces)

布里歐許 Brioche
T45 低筋麵粉 Flour T45 1000g
全蛋 Whole eggs 350g
高脂牛奶 Whole milk 300g
細砂糖 Caster sugar 130g
鹽 Salt 20g
酵母 Yeast 40g
牛油 Butter 400g

內餡 Filling
草莓果醬 Strawberry Jam 300g
黑巧克力碎片 Dark chocolate chips 120g

蛋液 Egg wash 3 (刷表面用的)

裝飾 Decor
黑巧克力碎片 Dark chocolate chips
糖粉 Icing sugar

This is the alien in question. 志寶口中的外星人。

The only successful one. 唯一成功的花冠。

覺得這次的花冠捲不是很成功,但是做麵包有趣就在這裡,第一次使用的食譜,都會因為麵粉吸水性、牛油的油水比例、蛋的水分多寡、發酵的環境等因素,需要不斷地微調。再加上整型絕對不是一天就可以學會的事情,雖然我平常算是蠻會整型的,但是高油麵團真的比較不容易操作。總而言之做麵包沒有捷徑,就是繼續努力!覺得這個內餡可以改成 Nutella。

I don’t think the corolla this time is a total success. However it is what makes making bread intriguing. When you try a recipe for the first time, you’d have to adjust it many times according to the flour, butter, eggs and yeast you use and the fermentation conditions you have to make it perfect. Not to mention that shaping isn’t something you can just nail it the first time, well most of the time I’m not too bad at shaping but a brioche dough is really tricky! Anyways, there is no shortcuts when making a good bread, we just have to keep practicing. I think this dough will go nicely with Nutella as filling, too.

I am an enriched dough.

I behave the best when I’m chilled.

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